MAS Region Kunětické hory



Organization structure

Organization structure
Organisational scheme of decision making structure

Composition of compulsory organs
Base is the LAG - Local Action Group, which consists of representatives of municipalities, companies, agriculture, associations and interest groups.

General meeting
Interest groups

Managing board:
Josef Kubizňák (
Luděk Šorm (
Jan Zetek (
Jolana Štěpánková - jednatelka sdružení občanů Apolenka (
Jozef Petrenec - (

Chairman - Josef Petrenec (

Selective committee: 
Jiří Trnka(
Zdeněk Seidl (
Ing. Pavel Kouhout

Inspecting committee: 
Ing. Josef Mlateček (
Jana Machová (
Diana Houdová (

Expert working committee

Office of LAG Region Kunětická hora is based in Giggerbread Cottage (Ráby no.38) and there is the technical equipment, space for meeting, for providing information and space for archiving of documents. Activity of the office is directed by the manager of LAG Kunětická hora.

Services of the office are at disposal to members of the LAG every first Wednesday in month from 10:00-16:00. Service providing beyond those hours needs to be discussed by phone. Contact is here.

Serviced provided:

* base materials making and preparation of databases - (actualisation of storage tank for projects of LAG, new databases)
* flow of information
* consultation services for members - information providing about function of LAG (informational booklets, presentations in ppt, actual information about the opportunity of using program PRV for the years 2007-2013 line IV and other grant projects)
* administrative activities and activities for projects of LAG - arranging of administrative necessities for the LAG, evidence and archiving of documents, activities linked to projects
* providing statements of LAG to exact projects of PRV - voluntary supplement
* other activities - request making - according to future development of LAG conditions

Manager - Bc. Kateřina Šormová (
Accountancy - Drahomíra Holmanová (


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