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Other events of LAG Kunětická hora Region

Don´t be afraid of e-learning
Educational seminar focused on new educational methods saving time for all the LAG members

Educational seminars
Educational seminars in particular developing areas and partner´s seminars with LAGs in the Czech Republic, considering the exchange of experience and preparation of partner projects.

Neighbourhood celebrations
Annual fairs and presentation of activities of member subjects.

Educational path through Region of Kunětická hora
Informational boards with quizzes about municipalities in the region at the place of Gingerbread Cottage.

Numerous seasons of photo shooting competition to get the best photos in region
Competing photos are used for presentation of region.

Region of Kunětická hora - in the heart of Gingerbread Country
Set of informational booklets made by community form by cooperation of all member subjects.

System of sale of local production Regional brand - KRAJ PERNŠTEJNŮ
More information here.

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