MAS Region Kunětické hory



LEADER Method 2007 – 2013

Name: LAG Kunětická hora – creating of effective functional abilities
Program: Operational program RVMZ, subdivision 2.1.4. Development of countryside (subdivision of type LEADER+) investment purpose c) 2nd group – acquiring abilities
Implementation date: 1.1.2017 – 20.6.2007
Expenses: 370 000,-Kč
Outline of project:
-informational campaign and education
-Informational booklets for LAG
-Creation of informational system for LAG
-facilities for administrative office of LAG
-Creation of system for terms of organisation, decision making and control of LAG
-Study of the area of LAG in accordance with diversification of agriculture
-Choosing and preparation of exact project aim

Name: Programs for schools
Project in cooperation with LAG Železnohorský region, which is pointing out cooperation with schools and subjects at the area of LAG in accordance with managing greater knowledge about local products and services, greater knowledge about the region through strengthening local patriotism.
Outline of project:
-Detailed collection of data from the area
-Creation of content for thematic school trips for kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools in accordance with the educational plans
-creation of hand outs for schools
-Seminars for school representatives – presentation of project

Name: Quality improvement of present system of the activity of LAG Kunětická hora Region
The project is a set of activities, which are prepared by LAG for next time period from 2014-2020.
Outline of project:
-Analysis of district
-Organisational structure of LAG
-4 informational events for public through realisation of training call
-informational booklet

Name: Presentation of activities of LAG on events of National Network of LAGs of the Czech Republic
LEADERfest in Velké Meziříčí,
Zěmě živitelka in České Budějovice

Opening of web sites of the informational system
Creation of detailed project tank
Creation of Strategic LEADER Plan (Pardubice region)
Actualisation of Strategic LEADER 


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